The objectives of the platform

Reluctance to certain platforms

People are reluctant to use certain platforms, for example we regularly hear from developers who do not want to register on Linkedin because the platform is part of a large group.

The advantage of Uniqlink, although registration for a profile is obviously mandatory, is that you choose the social networks and structures on which you want to appear, as well as the data you provide.

For example, you can choose not to communicate any link to social networks, and simply put a link to your portfolio, or your CV hosted by you. In this case, Uniqlink will only have your email registered in its data (in any case, no advertising is sent to you).

Choice of visibility

On platforms such as Linkedin, we are contacted regularly for job offers even though we are in post. With Uniqlink, if you have a job and don't want to be visible, you can make yourself invisible to recruiters.

Integrated messaging

We do not want to replace the many existing and efficient messaging systems, such as Facebook (Messenger), Twitter or even Linkedin.

Each messaging system has its own characteristics, and each person has their own preferences. Thus, if you wish to contact a person present on Uniqlink for a project or simply to discuss, his means of contact will be on his profile (or not, if he does not wish to be contacted directly).

Opinion and recommendation

In the same way that efficient messaging services already exist, there are review sites such as Tripadvisor for hotels and restaurants, Malt and 5euros for freelance services, or even Trustpilot and Octobershop for online stores. lines.

So there is no system of opinions, comments or recommendations on Uniqlink.

It's up to the recruiter to refine his research by browsing your links to find reviews on your services.

For example, if you are a restaurant owner you can always put a link to your Tripadvisor, and if you are a freelance a link to your Malt profile.

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